this year over half the world's children will be born into conditions with odds set against them.

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Did you know?

A child's ability to attend school is often determined by factors present before their birth-- such as location, gender, disability, conflict, and poverty. 

Over 120 million children are denied access to the basic human right of a formal education, often throwing them into intergenerational cycles of disadvantage. We work to turn this statistic around by providing school fees for children across disadvantaged communities.



and malnutrition contribute to stunting and slowed brain development in children - setting irreversible odds against them as they struggle throughout school and work.

Minimal resources can ensure a child is given an adequate daily nutritional supplement which is enough to counter these effects on brain development.


Every minute

The equivalent of 27 soccer fields of forests are cleared. Half of the world's tropical rainforests are gone. Not only are we seeing the extinction of unique species in our world, but we depend on trees to clean the air we breathe and filter the water we drink. We invest in preserving the earth for future generations by participating in tree replanting and regrowth projects worldwide.



Even beyond access to drinkable water, people living in urban slums have no access to water sources at all. One borewell can mean unlimited access to water for over 1,000 slum-dwellers. Not only does this immediately result in greater health and hygiene, but also saves people money to put towards more long-term investments such as schooling and permanent homes.


the norm across many supply chains 

continues to place profit over people, be indifferent over human life, and see human resources as commodities. Providing disadvantaged communities opportunities to grow and harvest seeds ensures fair wages and ethical work environments that effectively address societal problems within the communities  farmers.