How does it work?

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for Donors

  • We make the process of a personal donor-advised fund (DAF) simple.

  • Our app provides access to a wide array of international charitable initiatives, which we recommend based on your giving preferences.

  • We show you the impact of your donations in meaningful progress reports and other project deliverables.



for Nonprofits

  • We make it easy to display your organization’s projects for donors to fund.

  • We provide tools for measuring the impact of your work in ways that can otherwise be hard to quantify.

  • Our app takes this data and creates graphs, tables, and other visualizations in reports to show your donors.

  • These project reports can be used for other grant applications, annual reports, etc. and streamline the process of demonstrating impact.

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Want to know more?

If you are interested in learning more information about what we do, or participating in our beta-testing, send us a message!