Using technology to catalyze workplace giving


Using technology

to catalyze

workplace giving.


Givv gamifies giving in the workplace through an engaging platform



engage your entire company in helping solve a social problem




connect to beneficiaries through pictures, videos, and stories




improve your community and the planet – Together


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the why


the "why" behind

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Employees are more likely to donate through payroll when given options to give to causes that align with their individual concerns and values. Knowing their company and coworkers are giving with them increases a desire to give.



The current norm for workplace giving offers employee donors little knowledge of where their money is going and how it is being spent. More and more, people want to know how their individual donation is actually effecting positive change.

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With increased skepticism in the nonprofit sector due to poor transparency, there is currently no medium in the charitable deductions space for a charity to engage donors in the meaningful work they are doing. 


What is givv.App



What is givv.APP


How does it work?

Givv.App is an innovative platform that makes charitable payroll deductions visual, engaging, and easy. We believe you deserve to know where your money goes – and how you, your coworkers, and your company together are bettering the planet.

What is a Charitable Deduction?

You probably already use payroll deductions. Things like a 401(k) or insurance payments are all voluntary deductions from your salary. Likewise, charitable deductions allow you to donate automatically each month to a do-good cause.

Social Impact in the workplace

79% of employees prefer to work for socially responsible companies. 73% of consumers would switch brands if a different brand supported a good cause. Companies reported a 32% increase in revenue after developing effective corporate giveback programs. After engaging in strategic social impact, companies also report having employees that are more happy, loyal, and productive.

Why Deduct?

Charitable payroll deductions come from pre-taxed income, which means you save more on the money you give. Charitable deductions are hassle-free, and go directly to the causes you care about. Many employers will match their employees’ donations, doubling the impact.

Increased Giving

As employees increase their interaction with the causes they support through payroll deductions, they give more. Companies that engage their employees to collectively support charitable causes see a more loyal, dedicated, and productive workforce.


Projects and nonprofits that make it onto Givv.App are thoughtfully vetted by our team of specialists. Each charity partner utilizing the Givv.App as a  platform to raise funds is also required to follow set guidelines for evaluation methods and impact reporting.


How we give


How we give

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